'89 The Unfinished Revolution - by Nick Thorpe

’89 The Unfinished Revolution

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BBC journalist Nick Thorpe has witnessed first-hand some of the most tumultuous events of the past twenty-five years in eastern Europe: the Velvet Revolution in Prague; the bloody uprising in Romania; the bombing of Belgrade; and the economic crash of 2008. But for Thorpe the revolutions of 1989 roll on, yet to reach their conclusions. The old cold war has been replaced by a new cold war – this time between the people and the state. In ’89: The Unfinished Revolution Nick Thorpe weaves the political with the personal, anecdote with analysis, to produce an energising and important account of history in the making.

’89 The Unfinished Revolution by Nick Thorpe

Reportage Press, UK £12.999

Read an extract of the book here. (pdf)

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